Cow farm

Within livestock production “Sava Kovacevic” ad has a cattle farm one of the largest in the country, equipped with the latest technology…

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Beef cattle farm

“Sava Kovacevic” has a beef cattle farm of 800 animals that are raised in a 5 barns. Breeds that are bred are Holstein-Friesian and Simmental…

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Crop production

Crop production is carried out at more than 4,400 hectares of land of the best quality in this part of Europe…

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Silo and processing center

“Sava Kovacevic” has a storage capacity of 25,000 tons of cereals from two reception places.

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Irrigation system

Irrigation system covers the entire arable surface that allows us to double cropping sowing further…

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About us

Its rapid development, agricultural enterprise “Sava Kovacevic” began in 1965, only to be integrated into the 1973 JPK “Vrbas” as the first member of Backa rural agro complex.

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  • mercantile maize
  • corn seed
  • seed wheat
  • mercantile wheat
  • barley
  • soy
  • sugar beet
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