Name: PP SAVA KOVACEVIC ADFull business name: Agricultural Enterprise “Sava Kovacevic jsc, Vrbas

Headquarters and address: Vinogradska kosa bb, 21460 Vrbas

Activity: Growing of cereals (except rice), leguminous crops and oil seeds

Activity code: 0111

Legal form: joint-stock company

Status: active company

TIN: 100636176

ID number: 08065888

Registration date: 03.10.2005.

Founded: 27.11.1976.

Director: Đoka Vujičić

Telephone: (+381) (0)21 795-4200 , 795-4217
Fax:(+381) (0)21 795 4201

Commercial sector

Dragan Janicic: 021/7954-218

Financial sector:

Boris Milovic: 021/7954-216

work time: 07-15h
saturday: 09-13h

Finance and Accounting

Commercial sector

The Purchasing



Plant protection