Within livestock production “Sava Kovacevic” ad has a cattle farm one of the largest in the country, equipped with the latest technology of European manufacturers in which Holstein cows are bred with more than 2,000 head of cattle, of which 900 dairy cows.


We have a solid and liquid manure on the farm which is further transported to the processing in biogas plant, which is located next to the farm. Liquid phase after the production process is transported by pipeline to the fields that are irrigated through the irrigation system of slurry.

Cattle sector should have a significant status in the economic system of agriculture. “Sava Kovacevic” ad focuses further development focused on its improvement.

In the opinion of experts, a reorganization of the business, setting the young and capable people to appropriate jobs and the introduction can be achieved satisfactory operating results.

The goal is to achieve production:

  • of 27 l milk
  • % calve 80
  • weight gain in calves 0,660 kg/hd
  • heifers 1 year 0,600 kg/hd
  • heifers 2 year 0,850 kg/hd
  • beef cattle 1,3 kg/hd.

Manure production is planned per hd:

  • cows and calves together 20 kg
  • heifers 1 year 13 kg
  • heifers 2 year 18 kg
  • beef cattle 20 kg.

it is planned:

  • excreta-disposing of dairy cows 25% mortality of 4%
  • mortality in calves 3%
  • mortality in heifers 1 year 2%
  • heifers 2 years 1.5%
  • beef cattle 5%.

Within the farm we own slaughterhouse, which was built in 2014. for the needs of our discount stores which we currently have four. It is planned to open six additional discount stores.