Crop production is carried out at more than 4,400 hectares of land of the best quality in this part of Europe, from which are currently irrigated more than 85% of the area of higher irrigation system which ensures better yields.

In addition to these hectares, we are tilling additional 1000 ha of stubble sowing per year.

Basic crops that are grown are:

  • mercantile and seed corn
  • seed and mercantile wheat
  • barley
  • soy
  • sugar beet
  • rapeseed
  • over 1200 ha of various vegetables

In order to realize a highly-productive results, “Sava Kovacevic” ad Vrbas applies cutting-edge cultural practices. The very structure of agricultural production will be increasingly oriented towards the cultivation of seed crops that enable companies more income.


Within the agricultural production we are applying modern scientific farming methods and machinery of world’s most famous manufacturers “Claas”, “John Deere”, “Holmer” Krone (harvester for corn silage), two self-propelled sprayers Berthoud, etc., as well as specialized machinery for specific cultures and agrotechnical practices .

“Sava Kovacevic” ad Vrbas also has a considerable number of machine tools that participate in the production process and make it more intense and productive.